NV La Gita Moscato

  • The Moscato Bianco grape variety derives its name from Muscum or musk, in honour of the grapes strong aromas. 

    This wine has an alluring complex aroma of honey-dew melon, ripe pear, mandarin-orange all encircled in vibrant elderflower. The off-dry palate is light and fresh with a gentle spritz from the bubbles. Styled to be enjoyed upon release when the aromas and freshness is at its best. 

    Vineyard Information: 

    The Moscato grape can grow well in most environments but it particularly it enjoys the Mediterranean climate whereby warm and dry conditions prevail. The Branson Road vineyard is ideal for the Moscato variety, as it is planted at the base of a gentle south easterly slope, which provides good exposure to the morning and mid-afternoon sun but is protective of the hot and piercing late afternoon heat. This allows for a steady ripening of the Moscato grapes ensuring flavour and sugar ripeness are in unison. 

    Winemaking Notes: 

    Hand harvested at optimum flavour ripeness and then chilled to 5ºC before being destemmed and pressed. As the flavours are in the grape skins, the Moscato variety responds well to skin contact, so a gentle 1-2 hour contact period occurred before being pressed to tank for settling. Once the juice was settled bright (clear) it was racked off solids and allowed to warm to begin fermentation. A long, slow and cold fermentation ensured that the delicate aromas were retained, and the fermentation could be arrested retaining the ideal sugar balance. Left on yeast lees for 4 months post fermentation ensured a soft creamy and rounded palate texture. Bottled with a traditional gentle frizzante (carbonation bubble) ensured a freshness and lightness to the off-dry wine. 

    Alcohol: 8% 

    Production: 800 six packs